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Hi! We are the Beck's. 

I'm Kailin. He's Mitch. She's Juliana. Welcome to my corner of the internet where I write about things I am passionate about- mostly consisting of anything about family! 

I also love good stationary, travel and really love FOOD. I am passionate about education for women and the Montessori Method for children. I am a huge motherhood enthusiast.

We reside on the east coast in the dreamy college town of Charlottesville, Virginia. We are here for my husband's graduate degree at UVA Darden (the business school). He's a freaking rockstar. He worked really hard to get here and deserves it all. We have never loved a place to call home more! It's a perfect fit for us.

We've been married for about 5 years, and have lived all over the country since then. We have been fortunate to grow incredibly close as a couple and family because of it! We love living in new places and trying new things. 

I am pursuing my own dreams and passions being a mommy, and am also a full-time student studying Marriage & Family. I am wrapping up my undergrad degree (online) and am currently exploring graduate degrees. I'm moving in the direction of Early Developmental Psychology.

Our sweet baby girl Juliana (Juli-ah-na) was added to our family about 2 years ago, and she is incredible. She blows our minds every day.

Isn't she dreamy?

Here you'll read a lot of posts about happenings in our family, as this is our virtual "family journal". You'll also read a lot of overly opinionated posts about child development, parenting, and media with a hint of feminism.

We are happy you stopped by!

Here are more ways to keep in touch:

email- KailinBeck@gmail.com
instagram- @BeckKai
snapchat- @BeckKai

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