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Two & a Half

Fun fact: We have been nomadic/traveling gypsies/on the move/vacationing for going on FOUR months straight now. 😳😳😳

That means that, yes, we are definitely ready to be back in our Virginia home and settle in for year #2 at Darden. All of our stuff is still in our house there and we've been living out of suitcases, traveling everywhere. We are so giddy to be back, we can hardly stand it. 4 more weeks! And thinking of Virginia in the fall ha made my pinterest board completely blow up with fall pins and I make no apologies for it. I'm so over this Dallas summer heat.

We've had an incredible summer so far. We've been able to go on a few really great trips and maybe one day I'll get to moving those pictures from my iPhoto library to my blog! I only have one week between my spring and summer semesters for school so I am trying to squeeze the most out of it as possible.

On that note, I will be DONE with my undergrad in less than 1 year, which makes me happy, happy, happy. I am eyeballing a few master's programs right now though, so we will see how much of a break I catch from school after all.

So, 4 months into our 'summer' and that means Juju bean is almost 2 1/2 now! OH my heck she is a riot. Here is our update on Miss Julsies:


+ Every. Single. Thing. We. Say. She responds to with, "why?" This is not a joke. Every single thing, no matter what, she has to ask about. I may or may not beat my head against my steering wheel a few times a day.

+Baby words:
+ Calls an octopus "oca-the-pus" and its so stinking funny to me.
+ Hamburger is "hang-a-bur"
+ Popsicle is "pop-as-cool"

+ Is a GIRL. Really enjoys changing her outfit (BY HERSELF.. she will let you know) multiple times a day and donning any jewelry at hand. She loves brushing her hair and watching herself dance in the mirror. She frequently says "look at my beautiful curly blonde hair, mommy." We may be really in for it. 😳

+ At the same time, she is very wild and free. She prefers her hair in a pony tail and loves ANYTHING resembling a risk or danger. Which is debatably great.

+ Developmentally, for her age, has phenomenal hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills.  She can draw deliberately, such as circles and straight lines when asked, can nearly color in the lines of pictures, and colors for probably 90 straight minutes a day. She is thoroughly obsessed with that right now. We have probably gone through three full coloring books this week. She even holds pencils/crayons correctly which is super, and I only had to work on that with her a few times before she got it. It could definitely end up being a talent of hers.

+ She is very expressive in terms of her speech. She will frequently be heard saying, "I'm really angry right now" and fold her arms. HA ha. She will also say "Oh, that makes me so sad" when we tell her things like no, we can't get ice cream tonight.

The most inquisitive, curious girl on the planet.
+ On the note of speech, she has been speaking in full sentences for a few months now and doesn't use any contractions. It's so cute. She has never said "I can't" or "I don't" - she will say "I cannot!" or "I do not!" like always very, very enunciated and clear. I really need to post more videos of it because its so funny hearing a tiny person with a tiny voice speak like an adult.

+ She says multi-syllable words very well, like escalator, appetizer, hexagon or conditioner.

+ I took her to the nail salon with me the other day for the first time. I was a little apprehensive of how she would do, being two, but she listens to directions relatively well and ended up doing SO good!!! It was the most fun I have had all month. She literally sat there next to me with her hands out and smiled while they painted her little nails and she didn't move an inch. I was so proud of her! The older she gets the more fun we have!

+ Will either say "no thank you" very sweetly or "NO!!!!!!". She is very hot and cold. Ha ha.

+ We have a dine in theater next to us and one of our favorite family activities is to go see a movie there and order dinner. There are gigantic leather reclining seats, and she looks so little in her own. Its so cute watching her sit there with her little legs crossed, eating her food, reclined and totally chilled out. Ha!!

+ Has a little doll that she named all by herself (surprise)- "Raz" - we think its just so funny.

+ Impromptu ballet "baday", as pictured above. I have classical music on in her playroom a few hours a day and she will usually get a dress on and dance away in her own little world.

+ Is always asking if we are in a) Utah, b) Virginia, c) Chicago, or d) Hawaii. Poor thing doesn't even know she has a home. #gypsies

+ Any room remotely dark she will squeal "AH!!! MONSTERS!!! REALLY SCARY!!!"

+ Even when she doesn't like a food she will say, "mm, I really like it!" and grimace:) sweetest thing.

+ Loves to "read" all of her memorized books:)

+ Loves to sing to music, especially in the car. Occasionally, when I try to join in, she says "NO. SHHHHHHH. I'm doing it all by myself right now, okay??" and points her little finger at me. 😳

New Skills/Updates:

+ She is getting her first 2-year-old molar:( I just saw coming up today. It is still under the gum but per-Julie-style, has a big painful-looking hematoma. Her typically robust appetite has definitely taken a dive this week.

+ Has nailed her ABC's

+ Can count to 13 accurately, then it's all over the place after that. Ha ha.

+ Finally not having a conniption when we rinse her hair in the bath (any water on her head previously was a big freak out)

+ Getting really good at sharing!!! We have worked on it for a long time now and she is starting to do it more voluntarily. 

She really is just the sweetest thing and such a little spitfire. She lights up our whole world.

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