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St. Petersburg, Florida

So I have had this post saved as a draft for over a month now thinking that I'll find the time to edit a little vacation video together and add it on the post--- basically not going to happen I am realizing! Ha! 

So here is a smorgasbord of photos from the trip, randomly accumulated from both my iPhone and canon. It's kind of a hot mess but I would rather document it now than eventually forget and never have it. 

We went to St. Petersburg, Florida for a little 6-day long getaway. We have no connections to it nor have either of our families been, but we went because according to GoogleFlights (cheapest way ever to find flights.....ever ever), it was by far the cheapest possible beach vacay from Memphis. It is just outside of Tampa, so we flew in there. We have been to the other side of Florida (Orlando, Cocoa Beach etc.. we actually got engaged out there:) ) and we were pleasantly surprised with how much we loved Gulf Coast Florida! Maybe it reminded us of our still-in-our-minds-home of the Mexican/Texan gulf coast.


20-something miles of GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS white beaches. We were super impressed! The water wasn't cold at all either which made it much better than California.

Juliana of course was an angel on the flights, she always is. She loves flying... as long as she is RIGHT by the window. Otherwise it is a bigtime wrestling match!

We stayed at the Guy Harvey Outpost hotel which is a TradeWinds hotel.


If you have a family/kids... its awesome. 30 foot waterslides on the beach, bouncy waterslide things in the ocean, a river/paddleboats throughout the hotel's property, a gazillion pools and kiddie pools and great food and restaurants. They have tons of little games, crafts all day for the kids, ocean toys (paddleboards etc) to rent, and big bonfires with tons of smores all night and bands playing on the beach. It is dreamy.

I didn't get pictures of it all, we were in major recovery/relaxation mode but I got a few!

This chick guys.... THE FISHIEST FISH of a little swimmer I have EVER SEEN. She will DIVE, FEARLESS into the water and have zero worry in the world. She. Loves. The. Water. Didn't get that from mom!

Sand. Everywhere. All day.

A chair just for sissy.

She would be 100% content if we let her sit here for 8 hours a day. The problem was she kept trying to crawl to the freaking ocean with no fear and would get pelted by waves. So Mitch or I had to stand behind her ALL the time to not let her go further in HA

That cheeser grin...  oh my gosh. My heart. She's such a hoot.

Pleased as pie. Basking.
Also guys. That suit :):):) Julie's grandmas spoil her completely rotten. Thanks grandma Hansen:)

Baby blues

Handsome handsome hubs. Smart and cute.

Sunken Gardens. So gorgeous. Makes you want to move to Florida.

Everyone's her best friend. According to her.

Every toy is also hers. According to her.

I'm clearly thrilled about something. HA

Phone pics are so bad. But this sleeping beauty... <3 td="">
Sis got a nice shiner on her cheek.. she biffed it pretty hard the last day on a concrete edge :(

LOVED the bands that played. Always went right up and danced in front of the stage :)

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She was very concerned about the fires and kept signing to us "Hot hot hot" :) 

So nice to rewind and recharge with how crazy life is right now for us. We will be going back again soon!

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