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Juliana's 1st Birthday: Cake Smash

Julesies turned freaking ONE. How did that even happen?! 

Little missy had grandma (my mom) fly in for her birthday week and we did so much fun stuff to celebrate! It was a blast having grandma here! Juliana is in love with her. 
Her birthday was on February 23 - and we spent the day playing with grandma while I baked my life away (3 cakes & 4 hours (2 smash, 1 large for guests).. never again), went and got lots of balloons at the party store, took a nap, and then we picked up dad from work and went to one of our favorite restaurants here in town: BB King's,  and she ate a nice order of mashed potatoes (her favorite) while mom dad and grandma got the best burgers evaa.

After dinner we had a few of mom and dad's friends over that night to celebrate! 

We have a lot of pictures of that night that I'll post later.

For today, here's her little smash cake session that we threw together.  Despite the balloon starting to deflate and the cake designs melting slightly (don't judge me, I'm a total amateur), she LOVED it to say the least...:)

 Mom, what is that thing? Can I have it?

Whoa whoa whoa. I'm allowed to have it? Too much freedom, people.

 Ohhh. I get to eat it????????!!!!!!!!!!??????

Okay fine don't twist my arm. 

MOM. I LIKE this stuff. 

I reeeeeeeeeaaaallly like this stuff. 

Mom can I have this every day? 

 I feel so happy right now and I don't know why.

Yep I'm good mom. You just fiddle with your camera for a sec, I'll watch the cake. We're good.

I wonder how it looks in hair. Oh ya mom. I'm lookin hot. Hurry snap a picture real quick. Will you post it on insta for me? #thx

 Birthdays are freaking FUN.

What would a birthday be without sneakily grabbing the big '1' balloon and smashing it in my cake as well?  Go big or go home.

I like today.

Balloon: PartyCity
Cake: Mom/servant
Pictures: Mom/servant

No editing, all straight from our Canon (thanks grandma and dad)!

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