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33 Weeks

Baby Beck:

>> 33 weeks old
>> 19-22 inches long
>> about 4.9 pounds
>> the size of a pineapple
>> 7 weeks left

How far along? 33 weeks

Maternity clothes? of course! i usually stay in my scrubs most of the day, but on days i don't work i will wear leggings and loose shirts a lot

Stretch marks? no thank heavens!

Sleepreally good still. it can be kinda annoying to get up a lot and go to the bathroom but the actual sleep is good!

Movement: when is she not moving?! she is so crazy! she can tell when mitch has his arm or hand on my stomach or when i am cuddled up to him, she'll do the same and kick and rub against his hand. its so cute.

Food cravings: i haven't had a ton of cravings lately. i've felt pretty normal that way the last few weeks.
however some favorites are spaghetti squash (still a fave), halved and semi-roasted avocado and an overeasy egg on top (also still a longtime pregnancy favorite), and broiled grapefruit with a little agave on top! sooo yummy. 

Symptoms: Braxton Hicks like craaaaazaaayy. i've had them on and off since i was 20 weeks and they seriously are intense now! i don't know if that may mean she will come earlier or not, but man i get them a ton
besides that, i feel good! i get a bit more fatigued at night but nothing crazy. my doctor did say i am slightly anemic which i'm sure contributes to that fatigue. loading up on extra iron and vitamins and that should help real soon.

Have you started to show yet? i should probably delete this question! HA! clearly i am showing! i feel like a beached whale. my scrubs are getting tighter by the day:

Gendera little missy

Belly Button in or out?  Boh this totally is something that has changed! I noticed at about 26-27 weeks my previous-innie button was now flesh with my stomach. it is now totally an outie. it is weird to see your body change in ways you have never seen! ha! 

Mood: i totally confess to getting moody when i haven't eaten for a few hours. before pregnancy i was already hypoglycemic (my body just goes through sugar really fast, i need to eat often!) so then you add pregnancy and a little person inside to feed, and you know how that goes! ha ha

Best part of this week: 
-school started again! so happy. i am just taking two classes this semester since she will come in the middle of it. 
-my brother had his farewell on sunday. i don't know if that qualifies as a good part of my week because i am going to miss him so much!
-he and mitch and i went to the jazz game on friday! love those two
-we got two bookcases i have been wanting to organize aaaallllllll of mitch's books. we outgrew our smaller one long ago and it was time to get two nicer matching ones. oh the weird things that bring me joy. things that are symmetrical, matching, and new:)

everyone can go ahead and start praying now that baby beck will come a little earlier than march 3rd! we are ready to meet her!

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