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26 Weeks//Maui

I am a little behind on blogging from being out of town so much and being so busy!

I finally have a second to share a couple pictures from our trip to Hawaii:)

It was so fun! I couldn't do very many of the excursions or activities but who is going to complain about sitting on the beach and playing in the pool? I still had the best time ever. The one thing I could do was paddle boarding in the ocean with Mitch- but those pictures are on his phone so I will have to post them later. I'm so glad my sister in law Maddy thought to take a few!

I brought my camera along and only used it like one day! I was so sad. I didn't bring a camera bag or purse around and I didn't want it to get ruined by not being protected. So a lot of these pics are crappy iphone quality, but I am glad we at least have some memories of it all!

We got to our hotel late at night on Saturday. They are in condo form, and it was the perfect space for us to share with Paul, Makayla & Beckham!
The rest of the family got in the next day and were in other condos near ours.

 We woke up the next morning and saw this amazing view!

During our trip everyone got to have some fun, like snorkeling:
They practiced in the pool and then headed out to the ocean. 26 weeks pregnant= photographer:)

And one morning the boys went on a hike and went repelling down a waterfall
How fun did that look?! That is on my list next time we go! I am glad Jeff took these pictures so we could see!

While they did that, the girls went to a way awesome aquarium. We saw all kinds of tropical fish and things, and ate a real yummy lunch afterwards

Cute sisters and even matching strollers?! love them

Cutie babies were entranced

Funny note.. this fish on the left is a frogfish?! It has a legit elbow and arm on each side!! haha so weird!!

Right after this picture on the left a stingray swam right over their heads:)
I love this picture of Beckham and Peggy on the right!

Not to mention how much I love these two! Look at those faces!!

Probably my favorite thing was when we were at the (yummiest) Luau, and watching my husband dance with this hula girl.. so funny!!!

I posted it on instagram -- here --, click to watch it. For some reason the video isn't uploading onto blogger.

He was literally having the time of his life! Haha!!

I got almost no pictures of the Luau because I was having a literal conniption- I thought I had lost my wedding ring. Long story short, I didn't, but I was so distracted by that. Sweet husband went all the way back to our hotel to look for it for me- he found it and brought it! I basically started bawling. 

Then we found Heaven............ I have been craving shave ice (Utahns.. snow cones) for forever!! When we walked past this place the first time... I knew we'd be back at least 4 other times. And we so were. I. was. in. heaven.

They put coconut ice cream on the bottom, then the delish shave ice (always half piƱa colada/tigers blood for me) and then put cream on top. 
Jefferson was a fan:) He couldn't even concentrate for a picture!

Then we saw this tree that we all thought was pretty cool- it is gigantic. It is called "The Banyan Tree". Ha I guess it trumps all others! We decided to get a few pics in front of it since I had my camera on me for once..

We had such a fun time. Even driving was enjoyable because of how beautiful everything was.

And the sunsets every night were perfect- we stayed on the west side of Maui so we were in the perfect spot for that!

We had Thanksgiving dinner there, and it was SO GOOD! It was a buffet right off the beach. Papa Beck really came through. I think my favorite part was the papaya cheesecake we had for dessert. Oh Thanksgiving dinner... a pregnant woman's dream:)

Here we are at dinner

I wish I had taken more pictures of this trip! I did a little better at our New York trip last week.  We had such a great time... we are feeling really blessed.

It has been so fun to do these things before baby comes.

On a baby side note, I am in the T H I R D   T R I M E S T E R  finally!!!! It has gone by SO fast.
We are in the middle of week 28!

I'll post the New York trip in a few days. Right now it is time to decorate for Christmas (I have never decorated this late for it! I should have done it before we left for Thanksgiving!!), and to catch up on some homework!


  1. glad you guys had so much fun!! you are the cutest pregnant girl everrrr!



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