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First Belly Photo//Cardiology Update

Okay so I have been asked to put up a belly pic for a while now, but as I mentioned a while ago, I am usually in scrubs and so it is hard to even see! Today I had the day off for my doctor's appointment so I am actually in normal clothes for once:

SO, I had my first appointment with the cardiologist today.

We learned a few things. First was that I have an abnormal skipping going on with my heart along with the tachycardia (heart rate will randomly jump way high). So thats awesome.

They said that there is basically one of two things going on.

1) the extra fast beating is originating in my sinus node of my heart, and that would be the normal part it should originate in- but it is just extra fast and skipping. But in the right place.


2) it is supra ventricular tachycardia (SVT) which basically means that there is an extra electric current running through my heart though a loophole. Kind of hard to explain, but here is a good video if you're just so super interested:)

Scenario #1 is better than #2, but still not great that it gets so sped up. Basically, they said they would just chalk it up to pregnancy, and say that my heart just has a more difficult time dealing with the 50% more blood volume pregnancy brings. If this is the case, it should go away with pregnancy.

Scenario #2 basically means that depending on frequency of the tachycardia, I would have to take a medication that prevents my heart from having that electric loophole/tachycardia. They said if I do have SVT, it is likely I have always had this and it just was so minimal before I got pregnant that it was never noticed- just something pregnancy triggered. If it is really bad and it doesn't stop after my pregnancy is over, they do heart surgery (called catheter ablation) where they put this thing in place that blocks the abnormal electric loopholes/impulses.

So isn't that fantastic! haha. In order to determine which one it is exactly, they have to put me on a 30 day monitor. I will be able to do all my normal day to day stuff of work and school and everything, just be secretly hooked up to an EKG. Except of course it isn't so secret now that all of you know. Haha.

One bit of good news:
The doctor said I can wait to start it till the day after we get back from Hawaii though! OH my- SUCH a nice man! I am so grateful!!!

So that is the update for now for anyone who was curious:)

For the other part of my day, I did homework, cleaned the condo, went through and organized baby stuff, and went baby shopping with my mom. It was a real good day.

And look at these cutesy teeny tiny newborn bottles that really made me almost die:

Um to die, right??

Other than all this, I am so excited for the shower my cousin and I have this Saturday! Love my big Hansen family and seeing all my cousins:)


  1. That's the bottle I use for my little wee one, when I give her one once a day. :) I've heard so many good things about them and Charlotte loves it.

  2. Good to know Ally!! I have heard the same. I have heard they are great for avoiding nipple confusion for breastfed babies. Glad I know someone who has tried them and liked them! And aren't they just like to die for cute?? Is it because they are just so teensy tiny? I don't know, but I already just love them for how they look! Haha



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