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25 Weeks

Baby Beck:

>>25 weeks old
>>13.5 inches long
>>weighs 1.5 pounds
>>the size of a rutabaga... what the heck is that?
>>15 weeks left!

How far along? 25 weeks 1 day

Total weight gain/loss: around 10 or so

Maternity clothes?  yes. just ordered my first 2 pairs of maternity shorts for hawaii next week!

Stretch marks? None yet

Sleep: really well so far

Movement: a ton. she loves yoga and sour patch.. just like me ha ha ;)

Food cravings:I still loving sour things, but also still mostly avocados!!! mmmmm i have a stockpile and eat at least one a day.

also loving butternut squash. so freaking good. i could eat a whole one by myself i think.

found some super yummy (and $6 a loaf.. what.) gluten free/organic bread- i am loving pb&j sandwiches! i havent had them in forever!

Symptoms: always hungry, overall happy, and lately sometimes the insides of my tummy are stretched soo hard and it can be uncomfortable. she is running out of room and she still needs to gain 5 pounds! i dont know how i can keep stretching!
still the racing heartbeat and that fun stuff, but i don't have to start wearing the monitor until after our vacay which i am sooo happy about

Have you started to show yet:definitely!

Gender:Still a girl:)

Belly Button in or out?  in

Mood: happy! 

Weekly Wisdom: work out! i am limited to what i can do right now because of my heart deal going on, but i looooooooove yoga so much. i loved it before i was pregnant, and now can i just say- it rocks. it takes away a lot of aches and gives you so much energy for the day. 

this is my very favorite video- its called "prenatal yoga routine- by lara dutta" you can get it off youtube -here-

i actually watch it on youtube myself. i pull it up on my ipad, and then connect my ipad to our tv with this sweet little adapter thing. whoever invented it is awesome. you can buy it -here-

i highly recommend it! it is a really really good video.

Looking forward to: hawaii in 4 days! we leave on saturday. i cannot wait! i am in much need of a vacay after this full time work and 15 credits of school deal. it has been kind of crazy as of late, i am looking forward to relaxing and having some fun!!

we also had such a FUN shower thrown by my mom and my cousin Jana, and i totally forgot to bring my camera:( i wish i had some pics, but it was so fun!

oh, and of course i am looking forward to M A R C H   T H I R D ! i can't believe we are already starting month 7!


  1. How cute are you!? I'm getting so excited for you! PS I LOVED yoga. Seriously saved me during pregnancy. Good for you girl!

  2. Have a fantastic vacation you 3!
    Have you tried Spaghetti Squash? Its delish! take care mommy

  3. Karina- it is the best ever!

    Laura- YES! in fact we just had it tonight. We probably have it once a week!



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