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23 Weeks

Baby Beck:

>>23 weeks old
>>11.38 inches long
>>weighs 1.1 pounds
>>the size of an eggplant
>>17 weeks left!

How far along? 23 weeks 1 day

Total weight gain/loss: Should be 10-15.7 pounds according to my book. I am at 9 but I think she will have grown a ton this week due to how tired and hungry I have been!

Maternity clothes?  Just lots of leggings and loose tops still. I am starting to worry about winter and coat situations?! I wonder if they even make cute maternity coats? 

Stretch marks? Not yet :) still trying to avoid those

Sleep: Good. Have to pee like a crazy woman though

Movement: A ton. She is crazy! Can finally see it on the outside now sometimes. You know what is so cute- I realized yesterday she starts moving lots more than usual for a few minutes when Mitch first comes home.  Like she totally knows he is there! So cute.

Mitch can feel her, and a funny thing I remembered from a few weeks ago was when I was feeling her kick, and told Mitch to hurry and put his hand on my stomach. He sat there and waited and waited, and finally looked up at me and said with 100% seriousness, "Your baby does zero tricks." I don't really know why but it almost made me pee my pants from laughing so hard.
Now he knows that she does:)

Food cravings:I have never been so freaking hungry in my whole entire life. I eat and 10 minutes later I am ravished like I haven't eaten all day. Not even kidding. I will eat anything, but still my favorite thing to eat of all time right now is just a plain avocado sprinkled with salt, toasted on a pan for a few minutes. And sometimes with an over-easy egg on top. Mmmm. I have converted Mitch as well. :)
SOUR THINGS!! Oh my gosh. Not so much craving the sweet things.. but like Sour Patch and Shockers.. oh my. I was craving them so bad the other day at work that Dr. B went out and bought me this JUMBO bag of sour patch! ha BEST boss ever!!! 
And just like the caption says... I have definitely been in sheer bliss for the last couple days. About half that bag is gone.

In addition to those things, I am loving grapefruit and raspberries. Oh and plain vanilla yogurt:)

Symptoms: Hungry constantly, and have started having some Braxton Hicks. Is 22 weeks (that is when they started) early to start having them? I feel like it is. They aren't super frequent, but when I have been doing surgery all day or have been working hard, I get them that night.

Also, randomly my heart rate will spike like way, way high. At first we thought it was a hyperthyroid issue since my TSH is a bit low, but tests came back normal. I feel fine, it just starts racing like crazy sometimes, like I can feel it pounding out of my chest. Too many sour patch..? :) haha but really, anyone had that happen before? It will go from like 75-80 and jump into the mid 100's, then back down again. Kind of crazy. I am being monitored and they will hopefully have some idea of what is going on in a few days. I don't think it is anything serious though.

Have you started to show yet:Definitely! I think she is having a growth spurt because I have been hungrier than ever.. and I think my tummy is getting rounder by the day.

Gender:Still a girl:)

Belly Button in or out?  in

Mood: Happy! And a little tired- I think that again has something to do with her growing a lot extra this week. But happy!

Weekly Wisdom: Clean house=happy wife. My husband knows this too well, and spent so much time with laundry and helping me out just out of the sweetness of his heart the other day:) I cannot function when I feel like our house is out of order. He is a GEM and knows when to pitch in:)

Looking forward to: SO much!!!! 
  • First we have a baby shower with my side of the family, a joint one with my cousin who is due 8 weeks before we are. That is in a few weeks! My main registry is at Target, and I think I am registered for what we need? I would love if any moms out there want to hop on and view my registry here, and comment below if there is anything else you think I should register for.
  • Secondly, an unexpected trip to MAUI that I am out of my mind about!!! Seriously cannot believe it! We leave the weekend before Thanksgiving.

**I do have a question though. All of the clothes that fit me right now are fall/wintery. And Hawaii right now is mid 80's. I am wondering WHERE on earth to get a few summery things that will fit me.. including a swimsuit or two?! Or is swimsuit fabric stretchy enough that I don't need to worry about it? Ha ha. Any suggestions?
  • Thirdly, I am so excited about a second babymoon we will have, to New York at the beginning of December! Mitch will be out there for work and we decided I am going to fly out and we will spend a few days there having fun before Christmas:) 

Another question: When did you have your nursery set up? How far along? I still have a lottt to do and buy for it to be even close to ready- basically everything. Any suggestions of when to have it set up by? I keep reading all of these premature stories and so of course I am now worried that I won't be prepared if that happens ha ha.

So much to look forward to and to get ready for.. how on earth am I supposed to do my homework right now?!


  1. I'm so glad you and baby are doing well! I started having Braxton Hicks around the same time and they did say it was a little early but my girls still went 38 weeks. It was usually after a long or stressful day and so I just tried to relax and drink lots of water and that helped. Good luck with everything!

  2. I started getting braxton hicks about the same time and they basically lasted up until I went into labor. As for a swimsuit I think your regular one week do just fine. I was 36 weeks pregnant and I was still wearing my normal swimsuit. The only place I can think of for clothes I'd the D.I. haha we couldn't set up our nursery until after my baby was born because her room wasn't finished. But it didn't really matter because we kept her in our room in her bassinet. We are still gradually putting her room together. But I think it would be good to start little by little because once it gets closer to your due date your going to be too tired and you'll want to save your energy for when the baby comes. Good luck! They are a wonderful blessing and can't imagine my life without my girl!



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