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I feel the need to apologize for my really, really being bad at blogging and all... haha it has been um TWO MONTHS almost since my last update. Sorry guys!! A TON has happened since I was 13 weeks along! To start off:

Baby Beck:

>>20 weeks old
>>7 inches long
>>weighs 11 ounces
>>the size of a banana
>>20 weeks left

I have been working close to full time and trying to crunch in as much school as I can since this is my last semester before the baby comes so I took on 15 credits. It is online through BYU which is basically amazing. 

I. Love. Doing. School. Online. Ha ha soo recommend it! Taking tests in your bed is awesome! 

Anyway, all of that on top of being pregnant and a wife- basically life has been insane.. so good but so busy!

As I mentioned earlier, so much has happened since my last post 7 weeks ago! Here is an update:

How far along? 20 weeks and 1 day
Total weight gain/loss: About 7-8 pounds at my last Dr.'s appointment, which was October 4th. I am now supposed to be gaining about a pound a week! I am slightly under but they say that is normal for your first.
Maternity clothes?  Not specifically maternity, but I have gone out and bought lots more leggings and loose shirts:) I can still fit on all of my pants but one pair... but I mostly just wear stretchy pants:)
Stretch marks? No, thank heavens! And I plan to keep trying to avoid them.
Sleep: Good overall, but I wake up a ton to go to the bathroom. I can also feel it is a bit different turning over from side to side, there is definitely something protruding from my stomach now! I sleep with a pillow between my legs/under my stomach and that helps. I think I will need to get a maternity pillow soon.
Movement: Like crazy!!! When I sit in certain positions or when there is loud music, she goes crazy. I started feeling movement at a little after 15 weeks, but I wasn't sure if it was just my body or actual baby movement. After 16 weeks I knew it was for sure the baby. Ever since then I feel more and more movement, and this week especially it has gotten so strong that you can feel it on the outside.
Food cravings:I have been pickier this week for some reason! However the other day we went to a new restaurant, called CousCous, and they had the most unreal dish I have had in a long time- Pesto Chicken over zucchini noodles. Oh my gosh. Mitch loved what he got there too. Their homemade garbanzo chips and hummus and mango salsa is basically to die for, I ate the entire basket. I want to go again this week to try their Chicken Ratatouille. I am liking not overly sweet things and have been craving different things than usual. Of course about once a week I get my Protein-Style In N Out burger which basically just the burger and toppings wrapped in lettuce (I eat gluten-free) and it is soooo much better that way! So yummy and so much healthier. And only 2 dollas. Mmm.
I crave a lot of veggies and sometimes fruits. Oh I know what I have been eating a lot of lately!! Ok my new fave breakfast/lunch/snack is an over-easy egg on top of a halved avocado. So. So. delish. I bet I have eaten 5 avocados myself in the last 3 days.

Anything making you queasy or sick: Still never have gotten the whole morning sickness deal, thank heavens, I don't know how I got out of that! I am hoping that I don't have a really awful labor or something, to compensate! Ha ha. I do however, despise the faint smell of our new jute rug in our family room. How weird. It doesn't make me sick or anything, but it just really bugs me? Ha I have tried febreezing the heck out of it, airing it out on the balcony all day, you name it. I don't think I should wash it, so I am just hoping the new-rug smell will eventually fade. Ha ha I am so weird I know.
Have you started to show yet:YES. My sister/brother in law came over last weekend and when I opened the door they were both like, "Whoa!! You have totally popped!!" Ha ha. And when Mitch came home from his 4 day work trip last week, he was shocked at how much I had grown. I guess last week really had a lot of growth! But yes, you can totally tell there is a soccer-ball sized something protruding from my stomach now. For some reason you can tell especially when I lay down. Like it is a legit perfect half-circle. Mitch is always saying, "It is so freaking crazy that something is growing in you and that your body is changing like that!" I think it is as much of a shock to him as it is to me. It just looks so different than it used to! 
Gender prediction: We found out at 15 weeks (because yes, we are that impatient) that we are having a girl. We are so excited! That will be validated so we know for sure tomorrow I guess, at our 20 week scan, but it is 99% likely she is a girl:) We have 2 and kind of 3 names (one will end up being the middle name most likely) that we both are obsessed over. 
Belly Button in or out?  in
Mood: Happy! Feel sooo good to be in the 2nd trimester. I had a really, really lucky and fortunate 1st trimester where my only symptom was pretty much just being a bit more tired, and this 2nd trimester deal is even better! I have felt so good.
Weekly Wisdom: Take time to relax. Lukewarm (not hot) epsom salt baths are super good for you and are really relaxing when you are pregnant. I have had more of an achy back as my stomach grows, so this helps a ton. Also I work on my feet doing surgeries all day so I get a bit tired and achy all over. This can make a gigantic difference in that let alone the unwinding/relaxing factor. 
Looking forward to:I don't know if I am looking forward to it, exactly, or not- but we have the 20 week anatomy scan tomorrow morning! I am so so super nervous!  That is overriding the exciting factor today:) For those of you who don't know that is when they basically can tell if the baby is developing normally in almost every aspect, see if there are any defects such as neural tube dysfuctions, anatomy abnormalities, etc. Kinda scary but just hoping baby b is healthy and happy in there.

Here she is, a pic from her 15 week ultrasound where we found out she's a girl! Of course a customary bow/flower had to be added.

I already love her little lips and tummy. I posted this and the one below on instagram, but I have to post them again because they are just too cute not to:

little baby footie

ps. anybody get random nosebleeds during pregnancy?? I swear I get one every day! ha ha it is ridiculous! I looked it up and supposedly its due to hormones (what is new) but I just think it is so weird! 
Also a question to moms: Any tips on how to prepare for/not be so nervous for the anatomy scan? I am going to give myself a stroke!

Last note: How are we halfway already?!? It seems like it has completely flown by! The idea that we have only 19 weeks and someodd days left blows my mind. But that is a good thing, we already want her here!

I will post tummy pictures here pretty soon, now that there is something to see! It is hard though because I am usually in scrubs every day and you can't really see a whole lot with those. I will snap a pic next time I actually wear normal clothes!

keep up with us in between my huge gaps of blog posts on insta @beckkai.


  1. okay seriously i got the MOST random nosebleed the other day it was ridiculous! right in the middle of work! haha it was horrifying. none since, thank goodness, but i read it was totally normal!!

  2. I think the nose bleeds are caused by your blood volume doubling during pregnancy. I had them quite often!

  3. Love that your pregnant! can't wait to see that cute belly of yours! I'm glad your doing well and I love ya!
    p.s. advice is to not worry. There isn't a whole lot that can happen unless it is in your DNA. and if something does happen, it's because God intended it too. :) Keep up your chin sista!



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