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20 Week Anatomy Scan

Left:  Little baby face, hand, and tummy:: Right: Little leg, and two feet crossed at the bottom

We had our 20 week anatomy scan today!

I was sooo soo nervous. This is the ultrasound where they can tell if everything is normal, if there are any defects or abnormalities, or if the baby will have any disabilities.

I was literally such a nervous wreck. Mitch was cool as a cucumber, as usual. When I asked him why he wasn't nervous, he said, "Oh, I don't know. I just kind of feel that everything is going to be just fine." of course. Mr. Calm 100% of the time:) such a good thing I married him, seriously.

So, we got to the office and filled out oh, 30 minutes of paperwork listing every genetic defect and issue at birth that a person could have, seeing if either one of our families had histories of those things, etc. ... which of course made me more nervous thinking of all the things that could go wrong.

I finished the paperwork and glanced over to see where Mitch was. He was previously sitting right in the chair next to me. He was in the corner of the waiting room in the kids section, with a puzzled look on his face, and he was sitting on the ground playing with/staring at a little kid toy. Yep. My husband. It made me laugh so hard. Once again making my nerves chill out a bit. I seriously love, love that man.

We walked back and the sonographer took my weight and blood pressure. Mitch of course was then curious about blood pressure and everything about it, and asked if mine was a bit low, high, medium, you know, every question one can ask. She informed him it was healthy and on the low end, and he asked if she could take his blood pressure too. She laughed and then realized he was serious, so she put it on his arm and said, "Yeah... sure thing! Ha ha sorry, no one has asked me that before!" Mitch watched for his numbers to appear, and at 128/80, he asked, "Do I have high blood pressure?????" He was so concerned. She assured him that no, it is very normal and good and healthy, and that though 120/80 is deemed the perfect healthy, it fluctuates with each person, throughout different times of day, in different situations, etc. She had to keep reassuring him his blood pressure was 100% perfectly healthy. He was still convinced that he had some kind of problem, but then he saw his resting pulse was 60 something, and said "Oh. Nevermind. I think I am actually fine." Honestly!!!!! Hahaha. How can you not love living with that man and bringing him places? He asks 174995 questions everywhere he goes, and is the funniest thing I have ever met. I. Love. Him.

So we finally get to the ultrasound and she puts the scorching hot blue jelly on my belly. She puts the wand on and starts taking measurements of odd, unrecognizable black or grey circles that are on the screen.
"This is the stomach, these are the kidneys, bladder, this is the sdkjwthgvkebrsof part of the brain, etc."She was really zoomed in and... ya we only could recognize the heart as far as organs and internal things go. We were like ya ya... is it normal?? Okay good. Ha ha. So then she started measuring recognizable things like the head, arms and legs, spine, etc. That was way more fun! We could see the baby move, and see where she was at.

Her head is right in the middle of me, with her legs out to my left side. She is facing (usually) my back. So she is tucked right inside where it is hard to get any views of her little face. The sonographer was laughing so hard, she said she had hardly ever seen a baby do that. It was like she was hiding from us. It was hilarious. She would stop and poke my tummy, trying to get baby to turn around, and occasionally she would for a brief second. We caught a little angle of her face above before she hid again:)

She has her hands up by her head/face all the time, and always, always has her little legs crossed. At the gender scan we did at 15 weeks, the sonographer was like, "Um.. your baby is crossing its legs. I don't know if we will be able to see today!" Then after a few pokes then, too, the baby let us take a peek. So why were we not surprised when once again, today at 20 weeks, she still was crossing her legs. The sonographer was like, "what a little girl!" All of her mannerisms are so girly already.

Everything anatomically and everything was completely normal! Hooray! Brain, nuchal translucency, brain/spinal fluid, inside functions/digestive/etc, as well as her little extremities and fingers and toes. All in all, she said we have a perfect little girl. I literally was so relieved. I would love any little person that came to us with any range of issues, but how grateful am I that she is so healthy!!

She said that she is so, so incredibly active that it was hard to even get a still shot a lot of times. She was twisting, turning, bending, kicking... everything. The sonographer was like, "Ya I am pretty sure you'll have a dancer on your hands." Mitch immediately looked straight at me as if to say, "Ya I wonder why.."

She weighs close to 10 ounces. She measures just slightly petite- and is on the smaller side measurement wise but well within normal limits. She has such a cute little body. That, I am happy about come the time that I am 39-40 weeks, thinking about trying to get her out!

It was so fun to see her again! She is so cute and we were talking about how funny she was being already!! It will be fun to have her out to see and meet and play with her.

Oh, and they confirmed the 15 week determination of "girl"... the doctor said, yes you for sure have a little girl on her way!

We went to Fetal Foto at 15 weeks (well, 14 weeks 6 days) to find out the gender and it was literally so fun! Ours isn't in the mall or anything, it is actually right across from our hospital. They have you lay down in your own little room and there is a giant plasma TV in front of you and your husband so you can see everything super well. They take really clear pictures and give you a lot of them. It lasted like 30 minutes of solid ultrasound viewing, and that is so much fun to just sit and watch her move! AND it was so much fun for us to find out early. We definitely recommend it! We loved ours, it is the Fetal Foto in Murray. I went in and just asked for their most basic, basic package to determine gender, and I think we only paid like $35 bucks or so. Anyway for any other pregnant mommas, that is such a fun thing to do! They also have prenatal massages and stuff... which I might start enjoying here pretty soon:)

YAY for babies!!

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