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Our Little Texas Souvenir

we loved texas so much we just had to take a little souvenir with us!

Announcing Baby Beck
March 5th, 2014

We are so excited!!

Mitch got to come to the first ultrasound (10 weeks) and this is one of the pictures we got. This one is just a head shot (profile) and a little arm in the air. The doctor said he was either sucking his/her thumb or waving... obviously he/she was waving at us;) the rest of the body was out of this picture in the dark. I will post more ultrasound pics soon!

We found out on July 1st- Mitch's first day at his new job. His birthday is July 4th so I tried soo hard to wait till then to tell him, and I didn't want to overwhelm him on his first day of work! That basically lasted 5 minutes and I told him right when he came home. I wrapped up the tests I took along with a really funny book I found about pregnancy written by men who are dads, and gave it to him after work. He opened it and looked at me with tears in his eyes and said, "are you serious?!" 
we were so happy!!
We told our families that weekend.

Some Baby Beck specs for the week:

>>10 weeks old
>>1.2 inches long
>>weighs 0.14 ounces
>>the size of a prune
>>207 days left in the oven:)

>>haven't felt very nauseous at all, just sometimes a little bit at night and just pickier about what food i like
>>weird about some nonfood smells.. such as exhaust from vehicles and certain soap
>>no weight gain yet
>>i can tell there is a little bump, but mitch says there is nothing yet
>>sleeeeepppyyy all the time!
>>caught a random cold last week in the middle of summer?? hello pregnancy immune system
>>working part time doing oral surgery, doing full time school (on fall break till September!)
>>currently planning a killer babymoon with Mitch for November
>>finishing setting up our new condo in Salt Lake

>>almost passed out but sat down in time
>>really excited!
>>prays for a boy
>>but would love a girl
>>doing awesome at his new job
>>got accepted into Northwestern's Master's Degree in Predictive Analytics last week!!!
>>rides his beloved motorcycle every day to and from his downtown office (scares his wife daily)
>>will do the nicest, random things for me- dinner dishes, ironing, cleaning, scratching my back, letting me take long naps:) he is THE BEST ever
>>wants a boy. did i already say that? 

also, go ahead and take a guess on if we are having a boy or girl---> scroll up to our profile picture on the right, the poll is right below it. take a guess!!

We will find out in October!

Follow along for more weekly updates and pictures:)


  1. So excited for you! Can't wait to see that perfect little baby.

  2. Aww thanks Kalynn!!! You're the sweetest!!



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