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13 Weeks

13 weeks!

Baby Beck:

its really hard to write on chalkboards with crappy cheap chalk:)
oh, and that says Georgia Peach.. i was a little off on my measuring:)

How far along? 13 weeks, 5 days
Total weight gain/loss: Not quite sure, but I would guess around 2-3 pounds
Maternity clothes?  Not yet although I am slowly parting from my tighter pants to soft, stretchy ones! Also I can't stand wearing tight shirts... I am sooo in the awkward stage and I much prefer loose fitting ones until I really pop and it's more obvious ha ha.
Stretch marks? No and I am soo hoping to avoid them. Check out my >>Week 12<< post for what I am using.
Sleep: Good for the most part. I'm not needing as much of it (naps, etc) as I did in my first trimester. So that's good! However I have noticed that I wake up kind of achy in my neck/temples/jaw.. I clench my teeth at night a lot more than I used to. I always have at some level, but it seems to be a bit more! Good thing I work in the right field for that:)
Movement: Nope.. hopefully within the next month
Food cravings:Really loving the Protein Style (lettuce wrapped) cheeseburgers from In N Out:):):) mmmm. I can't have wheat, so I've gotten protein style for a while. Can I just say burgers are like 10 times better that way?! You can taste so much more without the bun getting in the way. Anyway, those are soo yummy. Also I am loving hot chocolate (from Holiday) haha. It has been rainy this week and my Texas-acclimated self thinks it is cold at 73 degrees. Still loving watermelon. And cucumbers mmm. We had Thai food from Sawadee in Salt Lake... soo in love with Thai! And that place is the best:) 
ALSO SMARTIES. i bought a whole bag full the other day.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still the same thing! Exhaust smell from cars/motorcycles. So weird. No foods, really. Well the thought of Chinese kind of makes my stomach turn.
Have you started to show yet:Mitch can finally tell, and I definitely can. When I wear tighter clothes (which is rare) others can tell probably I am bigger around the waist. 
Gender prediction: Still changing my mind every week! You have 8 days left to guess! Guess over here ----->
Belly Button in or out?  in
Mood: Happy!
Weekly Wisdom: Hmmm.. I would have to say don't forget to do things that make you happy. Really, you're only pregnant for a short time. If you want a different smell in your house just because the current smell makes you sad (ha ha), go buy new scentsys or candles or whatever:) If you really just do not want to fix dinner one night.. take advantage of take out! If you feel like taking a bubble bath just because... do it. If you want to be in sweats all day, now is the time! Pregnancy should be happy! I know some of the littlest things can either turn an entire day around or turn your world upside down and be such a big deal (even though they are little and unimportant things to other nonhormonal people), so don't be afraid to just do things that make you happy. You'll be a happier and better wife for it. Mitch has said, "I would rather you go buy a new candle thing or ask me to pick up take-out if it means you will be happy [aka not hormonal.. he was nice to not say it:) ] when I come home." ha ha ha. I guess there is truth in that!
Looking forward to:Hopefully finding out the gender in 8 days.. next Saturday!!!

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