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12 Weeks

12 weeks!

Baby Beck:

>>12 weeks old
>>2.1 inches long
>>weighs 0.49 ounces
>>the size of a plum
>>28 weeks left

How far along? 12 weeks and 6 days.  I am writing this a bit late this week- I'll be 13 weeks tomorrow!
Total weight gain/loss: not quite sure! We will see on the 4th at my Dr.'s visit
Maternity clothes?  no but my normal jeans and pants are starting to be pretty tight! Slowly transitioning to staying in my scrubs constantly or just changing to yoga pants or leggings. Super styling lately.
Stretch marks? I am hoping my lotion helps with that. My nerd self has done a ton of research on what is best at preventing them. I have found that cocoa butter is best as well as this little secret:

St. Ive's Collagen Elastin Moisturizer.  It is meant for your face, but there is a reason why the nicest and most expensive lotions are face lotions. They are what people care about most! So the best lotions are going to be face lotions. Anyway, I use this at night along with an Olay total effects moisturizer (for my face) and was reading the ingredients on the back of this St. Ive's one one day. Okay. People. This has legit hydrolyzed collagen and hydrolyzed elastin in it. Like liquid gold.  I guess Dr. Oz recommends this as the best moisturizer for women because of the potent ingredients. Best part? This whole jar costs like 4 bucks. Long story short, I use it on my tummy alternating with cocoa butter to hopefully avoid those stretch marks. Either way.. I recommend this for your face big time!!
Sleep: Good! Wanting a lot of it! I do think I have some more energy this week than the last few.
Best moment this week: Picking out names for baby B. We will find out the gender in about 2 weeks and already have a few in mind. Its fun that Mitch and I like the same kind of names. 

We made a list of our favorites during church today. They are secret for now..:)

Miss Anything?  Totally miss sleeping on my stomach! I used to usually sleep on my side, but I liked to fall asleep on my stomach and then turn over.  A few months left of side-only sleeping for me!
Movement: None for a while
Food cravings:Remember how last week it was spaghetti squash? Still loving that. I am loving mashed potatoes. MMMM. Ice cream lately has been quite uninteresting.. never feel like it even when others are eating it (I know.. what?) Also, cliché... pickles. I know. MMM  Mitch was having a sandwich today and was making it with pickles, and they looked kind of like really really good. so I had one...and then two.. and then three. For some reason the western family brand of dill pickles are like unreal? They are even better than the vlasic brand. Mitch and I are both loving them today haha. He says he has been having a sympathy pregnancy with me.
Anything making you queasy or sick: Still the exhaust smell from Mitch's motorcycle and the smell of it on his clothes after he rides it. BLEH! It makes me want to die! haha. But no food smells or anything.
Have you started to show yet:Yes! Just barely. Probably people who know me really well and see me regularly could notice, but it just looks like I have gained weight or something to others I assume:)
Gender prediction: This week I am thinking boy. I change my mind every week.
Belly Button in or out?  in
Mood: Happy!
Weekly Wisdom: It is really tiring to be pregnant.. especially in your first trimester! I read some of the best advice ever one day.. over at darling >>Karina Powell's<< blog. She wrote about how when she was first pregnant, the first thing her mom told her was "pregnancy is not a disease." How true! What that means is you will be tired, you will be sick, and you won't feel like doing things a lot of the time. Karina talked about how your spouse does not deserve 9 months of that! I totally agree. It is hard sometimes but your husband is still your husband and shouldn't have to suffer. Likely he will be sweet and kind and patient on those nights that you really aren't up for much and he will be a way good sport.. but out of love for him, try to still be his wife as much as you can!
Looking forward to:Finding out the gender in 2 ish weeks!

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  1. So fun! I will have to try that moisturizer, looks awesome! I've heard that stretch marks have a lot to do with genetics. My Mom got maybe one or two tiny ones you can't see and she is tiny and had HUGE babies. I am not as tiny as her but also had pretty good size babies (almost 9 and almost 8 lbs each) and got zero stretch marks with #1 and a few teeny-tiny ones with #2 at like week 38. He was sitting SOOO low and that really low belly skin just couldn't hold out for one more week, but oh well :). But the moisturizers might really help and at the very least they will help if your tummy feels tight or itchy! You are so cute. We found out gender with both boys at 15 weeks as well, loved it.



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