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LDS Temples

I have so many friends who are members of so many different churches and faiths, and I have been asked a lot about our temples- why we have them, what we do in them, and what their purpose is.

This is for you!

I randomly came across this clip and watched it. It literally is the most perfect explanation by one of our church leaders to every one of those questions. I just want to say that the temple is amazing, and is such a blessing. I feel closer to my Savior when I go. It makes me want to be a better person. I hope that I set the right example of the promises I make there.

Even by just watching this video you can feel a peacefulness and stillness. Multiply that by 100 and that is how it feels to actually be inside of the temple.

I hope you will take just a few minutes to take a look into our temple and watch this little video. I hope you can see why it is so important to me:)

be sure to click full screen ---------->

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