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"Yo Puedo Aprender."

Guys. I have had the best day ever today. Let me tell you why.

We have been trying to sell my car for about a week now. People would come and look and either not offer enough or would lose interest, or offers would fall through. We started getting super nervous because we have to leave in a week to move across the country and we really can't take it with us. We kept lowering the price.. everything. Nothing. We couldn't figure out why it was just not selling. We started getting really worried.

Late last night I posted it again, hoping someone might be interested today.

This morning I woke up and got a call from someone who wanted to come see it. I didn't get my hopes up because that was nothing new. This afternoon, about 10 minutes before they came, I knelt down and prayed specifically that I could sell this car to whoever needed it most. I told Heavenly Father how we really needed to sell it. I picked up my keys and walked out the door.

Her name was Griselda, and she was buying this car for an older woman- her children's nanny, so that she could come to work everyday. The older woman also had brought her son who was in his mid 20's to come look at the car. 

They drove it and inspected it and made me an offer. I tried to not act too excited of course. FINALLY.

"Esta bien. Ven conmigo y vamos a hacer el papeleo, quitar los placas, etc" I said somewhat calmly. 

We drove to my apartment and I went inside to get the paperwork and a screwdriver. I went back out and the son had opened the trunk to see if there was anything of mine to take out. He ran up to me with a little blue book and a gigantic smile on his face. 

"Esto es tuyo??"he asked
(is this yours??)

Before I could finish saying yes, it is mine, he told me he and his mom were from Reynosa and that they were baptized members of the church before they had to move suddenly to over here (Mission, Texas, where we live- which is a grand 2 miles from Reynosa, Mexico- I know.)  He told me they hadn't been able to go to church since they had moved over here. He looked absolutely elated to have found this book again and to see another member.

I told him to keep it, and that I had others, and that it was his to keep- and then I realized this book was in English. He spoke no English. 
How stupid of me- I didn't even have any Spanish ones around to exchange with him. Why? I had put off a prompting from a few months ago to get some more Spanish copies from the Elders. 
(lesson learned)

I told him that and he shook his head and said, "No no no, es ok! Yo puedo aprender!" with a huge smile.
("no no no, it's okay! I can learn!!")

I was shocked at how excited he was to see a member of the church over here. And how excited to be reunited with that book again- even if it was in a completely foreign language to him. He was like totally ecstatic.

His mom stood behind him and nodded and smiled. She said she had seen the Utah plates on my car (okay so I never got it registered in Texas and we have lived here for 2 years. NBD.) and she said she had wondered if I was "Como los elderes que llegaron a mi casa" :)
(if I was "Like the Elders who had come to her house" (from Utah, therefore Mormon. She had only met two people from Utah in her life and they were her Elders) )

They gave me a big hug and were so grateful and thanked me over and over again. I about cried.

I now know why it took so long to sell my car, and why I only sold it after I prayed about it.

It turns out, Heavenly Father just might want you to include Him in even the smallest things, because they may be able to make a bigger difference than we even realize.

Also, I am grateful that Mitch left that little copy in the car. It had been there forever and we had kind of forgotten about it- down in a little corner of our trunk.  

When I called him after it all happened to tell him the story, his first words were, "That must be a lucky Book of Mormon!! Thats the same one that sat on my desk and resulted in Marco and his mom getting baptized!"

Mitch is a teacher (doing Teach for America, he really is a Business Strategy major) and he was in charge of detention one day last year. A boy, lets say his name is Marco, was there and his mom came to pick him up. She noticed the book on Mitch's desk and asked what it was. Mitch told her, and invited them to come to church on Sunday if they wanted. They said they would love to, and ended up coming, got together with the missionaries, and were baptized almost immediately. They are still active and Marco is the cutest kid ever.

I definitely think that was a lucky Book of Mormon:)

I learned a lot of lessons today. I am so glad I asked Heavenly Father to help me sell the car to whoever needed it most. I think they came for a lot more than the car and none of us even knew it. 

I learned:

1) Always include Heavenly Father in everything. Nothing is too small or trivial or silly to include Him in. He can only provide so much if you don't ask.
2) Always keep ample amounts of English and Spanish BOM's in your car. Never put off a prompting.
3) Always have the attitude of "yo puedo aprender". When it comes to the Gospel you never learn everything. Always be striving to learn more, and share it with others. This man's attitude showed me how much he valued this book and treasured being reunited with it- even a foreign version to him. It was the same book, and he knew of its power regardless of the language. 
4) Never register your car out of state, the Utah license plates just might spark something:)

It was a seriously good day. 


  1. That little kid sounds adorable. I love this post!

  2. I love sharing in your day with you yesterday. I'm so glad you written it for others to be inspired by. You are a wonderful missionary and an example to me!

  3. Oh my word!! What an awesome experience. Isn't it so amazing when the Lord uses you as His instrument? Tender mercies, for sure!!



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