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And We're Off Again

So I am considering really starting this blog thing off again.
For starters,

to keep up in a bloggish/insta-ish hybrid of a news feed
which I really, really love.
It is the simplest and most convenient way ever to follow your fave blogs.

You might have noticed that my blog got a lil' facelift.  I enjoy blog design in my free time (which is sparse with this Satan semester).  I am considering branching out on that too since I've had some peeps ask lately if I could help them with their blog design.  If you are wanting to try out a blog face-lift yourself, comment below or shoot me an email/fb message, whatever- I'd love to build my portfolio a bit and use yours as an example.
I design entire blogs of course, but also individual things like blog headers, buttons, tabs, profile/about me image, social media icons, etc.

I am crazy busy lately, so since it's free it'll be first come, first serve ;)
(like I'm already in high demand or something)

Also, I will do a post later today on the Mother's Day presents I posted on 
*Insta* yesterday,
since I received a lot of questions and messages from it requesting more deets!

Check back tonight and I'll have it up.

But for real, try out that bloglovin thing. It rocks. ---->

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  1. Loving your blog girl!! The design is absolutely beautiful, you are very talented! If you have the time or interest, I'd love to have you redesign my blog! It's been needing a total overhaul for a while now lol.

    - Sarah (http://sparkleandmineblog.blogspot.com/)



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