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No Zupas in El Valle........

Being that there is no Zupas 
[an incredibly good soup, salad, and sandwich restaurant majorly in Utah, and mostly created for young moms ages 20-30 with 3+ kids who go there for lunch every day]
.... in El Valle, where I live - as well as not really anything but [really delish] authentic Mexican food, I have had to learn to improvise.

My favorite thing to get there, ever, is the MangoBerry Salad.
So. Freaking. Good.

Mitch will eat anything since his mission- literally, so it is easy for me to try new things.  It makes it fun.  And I actually scored big time on this one, because he said this was one of his favorite dinners ever.

I will admit that I eyeballed some of the ingredients, so here is a general breakdown of what I did:

Copycat Zupas MangoBerry Salad
This recipe serves two.

First, make the Mango Yogurt Dressing so that you can put it in the fridge to be cold.  I have found this to be identical to the Zupas version!
Put all of these directly into a blender:

1 mango- very ripe. Cut the skin off and cut the fruit into pieces. Obviously discard the pit
Vanilla Greek Yogurt- 2 + a little more tablespoons
Honey- 1 tablespoon
Apple Cider Vinegar- 2 tablespoons (less if your mango is small)
*note: do not use regular distilled vinegar. Only apple cider vinegar will work
teeny pinch of salt
couple grinds of pepper

You will need to stir it with a spoon intermittently because it will be pretty thick and you'll want to get all the chunkies. Blend it really well, if it is too thick add like a tablespoon of water. 


Spring Mix Greens- I buy a big 16 oz container of organic greens that usually lasts us about a week.  I just took out however much I felt like we were hungry for that night.. I don't have an exact measurement of greens. Sorry! I would say 2 ish handfuls each.. haha. Maybe 6 cups total.
*note: before you add the fruit below, toss the greens with the dressing. A little goes a looong way.
Mango- I used one whole mango. Cut the skin off and then cut as big of chunks off the mango that you can. Cut those chunks into smaller pieces.  I have found it to taste better the smaller the pieces.
Strawberries - about 1/2 cup (green thing cut off and then strawberry sliced 3-4 times)
Blueberries- about 1/3 cup (or more if you really like blueberries)
Glazed walnuts- I just eyeballed it. I sprinkled them on at the end after adding the fruit.  But I like lots of these:)

Voila.  Again, improvise or change things if you need to!  We loved it.

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