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While Cleaning Out My Facebook...

While attempting to clean out my facebook friends/messages/invites/everything [I feel like it is so cluttered.. OCD?] I found this little gem:

I like this for three reasons.
One) It is so UNLIKE Mitch to have asked me out on our first date via Facebook. Although he did do it all coyly.
Two) It is so LIKE Mitch to not plan ahead and not ask me in advance, rather ask me out on a date for that same day. Therefore why I couldn't go.
Three) After I responded, we just used our phones from then on.  But this next random Facebook message made my day.
      a) One day he found out my middle name and from that day forth my nickname has been Rish.  That was so Mitch.
      b)It is the shortest and simplest message ever. And just because he said it, made me get butterflies.  He can do that.
      c)The whole 'without wax', I learned later, had some huge historical story behind it and why he said it.  No one has ever heard that before.  Sooo Mitch.

He is one of a kind.  And I am really glad he sent that message.

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