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Good day.

My entire day consisted of sitting in front of my cricut for about 4 1/2 hours, glue on every finger,  followed by a last minute run to HEB to get desserts for tonight and somewhere in between, pulling myself together to be at least somewhat presentable.

I love my calling.

This is a combination of my YW leader's creativity from when I was in Young Women's (now my mother in law) and my mother's. Thank you, thank you very much. [haha!]

This girl is golden. Let's talk about being the only member of your family, starting at age 15.  She is now 17 and is completing Personal Progress for the second time.  She literally blows me away. Blessed to even know her.
(oh and that cute face in the middle is the sweetest thing in the whole entire world.. love you missy)
Strong connection with these two beauties!!

My beautiful girls.  They did an amazing job tonight.

Are you jealous?! :)
What do you love about your ward/calling? 

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