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Big News..

So we have some big news to tell everyone!!  

Are you ready??

Let me spoil it right now for some of you: NO, I'm not pregnant.

But it is big news, really!

Mitch's contract with Teach for America is a two year deal.  That two years is over in May of 2013. 
So many people have asked, "Why is he teaching, anyway?"  Mitch is a Business Strategy major, and teaching was a temporary thing 2-year thing - Teach for America is good to get into grad school and give back to the community.  Most people who do it aren't actually teaching majors, but rather business, pre-med, etc.

So, knowing that, he started looking a few months ago for our next job (something in business/consulting) to prep us for grad school.

The smarty pants got three offers within weeks:
1) Epic - Madison, Wisconsin
2) Deloitte Consulting - Austin, Texas
3) Cicero Group - Salt Lake City, Utah

They were all great offers, really.  We felt overwhelmed with how blessed we were, knowing that having the opportunity to choose between job offers is so rare in this economy. 

That said, it was an incredibly difficult decision.

After much thought, we decided our hearts were set on Austin.  Never have we been so in love with a city!  That was Mitch's dream job since he started college, the people he would work with were unbelievably nice, and University of Texas is my dream college. It was perfect!

But something was pulling us towards the job in Salt Lake.  Throughout numerous experiences, we felt like it was undoubtedly the place we are supposed to be.  

So, in short, we are moving to Salt Lake City.

We are really excited, and most of all we know that it is where we are supposed to be.  

Education is so, so important to Mitch. Seriously, I have never met anyone who loves learning as much as he does.  When he starts his job there, he also gets to start a degree in Master's of Predictive Analytics from Northwestern University. 

[proud wife]

After that, he gets another opportunity to get his MBA as well. 

Cicero is in the heart of Salt Lake City.  So that is most likely the area where we will live.  This company is awesome.  They value everything Mitch values. I think he will excel there just as he has here. We are really happy!

Meanwhile, I will finish up my degree in Marriage & Family Studies.  Afterwards, I'll get my Master's in Marriage and Family Therapy and my dream would be to be able to have my own practice.

We are so blessed!  I am grateful for a husband who knows the meaning of hard work and the value of education. He is the ultimate example for me!

We are sooo excited to be with our close friends and families again. But we will also have an immense amount of heartache leaving these wonderful people and this wonderful place we have loved to call home.

Those are what our next few years look like, and we are thrilled!

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