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i keep forgetting i'm doing the blog challenge.

today is "how i have changed in the past two years."

yep. this is gonna get personal.
also. i will probably mention mitch very often.

1) priorities.
     -two years ago i thought all there was to life was 1)dance and 2) my boyfriend.  its crazy how out-of-line priorities have the potential to so drastically change your life.
     -supposedly in 2008-9 the most 'wonderful and amazing' thing in my life was dance.  i wasted so much time with that. and i have a theory why. 
i think it's so great to do something you love and work hard at it. really that is such a good thing for a person. HOWEVER. i've decided that there is no point in being obsessive over something unless you are 10000% sure that it is THE thing you are going to do in your life and that it's the most important to you.  otherwise, if it's not, it will ruin many other parts of your life and rob you of experiences that would have benefited you more.  but it's so rare to be 10000% sure about something in life......... so.... there is no point in ever being overly devoted to any one activity. i did NOT get that.  moderation- i was not very good at it.
    - i decided at some point in high school that it was a good idea to just have one steady boyfriend through it all.  i deprived myself of a lot of really, really life-cherished memories that most people have in high school.  now yes, i did have some and it wasn't terrible, but i would definitely do things differently.  it's not wrong to have a steady boyfriend throughout high school, and it ends up working out for some, but 98% of the time people realize at the end that there is so much time after high school for that. high school is  a time to freaking let loose, have fun, and make friends and memories that last a lifetime.  i had heard that a million times over, but i am the kind of person that i have to very frequently experience something myself to really get it in my head.  
i don't think i was a very good friend during high school.  my priorities were pretty turned around, and i still feel bad about that.

my problem is when i go for something, i do it 100% and i think i have to be perfect at it.

luckily Mitchell came into my life and has helped me out more than i'll even know.  i am a completely different (better:) ) person because of him.  its so easy to live life with someone like him who makes everything just make sense to you, and be so uncomplicated.

2) self confidence.
haha.  this was a branch off from #1.  obviously when you are like one dimensional, you dont feel like there is a lot to you.  well, ya, thats basically it. there wasn't a lot to me two years ago besides those things. how sad! i almost settled and lived a life of trying to figure out who i am.  
i learned how to not define myself by dance or who i was with.  
that is one of the best things i've learned and one of the things that has most shaped me into to be a better person. 
i do think a lot of these things we have to remember to work on all throughout life.

3) perspective.
two years ago i thought that everyone was watching you, all the time, and that it mattered so much what they thought. like as if your life depended on it.  
guess what! it doesn't!!
good heck i wish i would have just cared about the people who cared about me. haha i mean really . . . . 
once again, mitch!

i've learned the key to being happy (well, it works for me.)

invest time and love into those who you love, and those who treat you the same. those are your friends.
be nice and an example to those who aren't.
do things that make you happy and you don't have to be a professional at everything.
enjoy things without thinking about them too hard.  

that is what makes me happy.  and that is enough for me.

it's nice to grow up, isn't it? :)

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