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" five things i love."

only FIVE???

k well not including my husband, family, gospel, etc because those are so OBV, here are 5 other things i love:)
i give you fair warning as the next few things you find out about me will make you forever think of me as a complete geek.
that's fine.

1- i LOVE website html, designing blogs, headers, fonts, backgrounds, everything.  i do it for people who ask, so... if you want a fresh look, just ask! haha.

2- i really enjoy fixing things and finding out how they work. i love building things.  aka, home depot is my heaven.  i know how a lot of appliances work.  one day i just started tinkering, and found out i have a bit of a knack for making wheels spin. :)

3- sparkle.  while i am a geek at heart, i love, love, triple love lace and anything sparkly.

4- traveling. seeing new places and how people live differently is SO fascinating to me.  thats why i don't really mind moving.  i think its fun living in different and new, exciting environments.
(and palm trees and tropical weather aren't that big of a down side :)  )

5- organizing and labeling.  i love it. sorting and being set and organized in a cute way makes me thoroughly HAPPY.  i am OCD.  there is no sarcasm in that.
also, i am married to what i call a 'pile- er. '  aka, mitch LOVES the piles.  he piles every paper and book he gets, all over the house.  just little mitchie piles everywhere.  its okay though.  i like cleaning it all up.


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