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" list some things that really bugs you."

guys... i have a lot of pet peeves.

here are some i can think of off the top of my head.

- when good, LDS girls wear CRAP. the established standard is not 'to your knee but sometimes halfway up your thigh'.  or 'modest neckline but on dates whatever you want.'  seriously ladies..

- celebrities.  everyone.  we do realize that celebrities are just messed up, irresponsible people who happen to be on things a large majority of us see.  i think that is way over-celebrated.

- irish accents, and wisconsin/northern accents.  thats kind of rude  huh hahhaa... but for some reason it just grates on my nerves! i know and love some of those people though!!

- dancing with the stars.  because whenever people find out that i danced all throughout my life, thats what they reference ballroom to.  and not to their own fault at all, but rather dancing with the stars, for making people think that's an accurate depiction of latin/ballroom dancing.  reeeediculous and embarrassing.

- i think it's sort of diminishing now, but when boys wear their pants riding halfway down their butt....... i dont know who decided it would be attractive to make boys legs seem like they're 14 inches tall and see their nasty boxers hanging out... but

- when people use facebook as their worldwide, open personal counselor and venting system.  its probably a better idea to open a blog [exhibit A] or invest in a journal.

- democrats.

- victoria's secret commercials.  i mean seriously if my husband has to look away from the tv during a football game because he's caught off guard by a borderline-pornographic commercial.. that makes me mad.  granted i am a shopper at the store, but i have conflicting feelings about what they freaking display for the public eye!!

- dentists who think they can pull out wisdom teeth. now let me say that maybe 2% of all wisdom teeth cases are suitable for a general dentist.  however, the other 98% need to be done by an oral surgeon. i know this because i was the first assistant at an oral-maxillofacial surgeon's office before moving to texas, and our job consisted of fixing dentist's mistakes.  you would be blown away if you knew how many times dentists attempt things they shouldn't and almost ruin people's faces.

- on that note, people who freak out about radiation from the pano x ray machine at the dental/surgeons office... guess what, you get 10 times more radiation on a freaking flight from salt lake to boston! you will not die!!

- child leashes.  seriously. moms, discipline your kids so that a child leash isn't necessary...... haha those are awful

- thats all i've got for now, but i have more i know it!


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