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Do You Know Me?

I am odd.  I think I am really odd.

I am the exact opposite of my husband.  He is really simple, really uncomplicated. What a fantastic way of life that must be.
:) haha.

I think I'm complicated.  I think I can be hard to understand.  Lots of times I am over-analyzing  everything and over complicating everything even more.  I think it's one of those things that just come with the package of being a perfectionist.

But on the other hand.. I think I'm a lot different since marrying Mitch.  I let a lot more things go.  He is so okay with me,
just how I am,
and just how I do everything,
that I don't feel like I have to be perfect all the time or do everything exactly how I think it needs to be done.

My advice:
Marry your opposite.

It's awesome.

Anyways,  a lot of you are better friends with Mitch or have married Mitch's friends, so you probably don't know me as well.

Here are a few q &and a's and over the next 30 days I'll be doing a a blog challenge.  Have a question to me?  Make it a comment!

What would you like to add to your life?
--If it were possible, I would say more time with family.  They live so far away!

What motivates you to exercise?
--Well.  I have to be honest right?  Pictures!  Pictures that are really inspiring, of people that are so fit.

What musical instrument do you wish you could play?
--Piano!  I quit it when I was younger.  My mom was soo right -- I shouldn't have!  I wish I could still just sit down and play!

Who is someone from your past that you are sorry you lost track of?
--Probably a few people.  My friends from when I lived in Virginia.  I feel like they could have been some of my best friends for life.  I am so sad that we all lost connection of each other.  Brianna, Laryssa, Molly, Rachel, Laura . .. loved those girls.
And definitely my dance friends from growing up.  I don't know what happened.  Once I stopped dancing I feel like a lot of my relationships with them stopped too.  It was really weird and was really hard.  They were some of my closest friends!

What is your favorite thing about fall?
--I can't decide if it's the fall smells like candles, wallflowers, cinnamon and such.. . or the outfits. 

What are some things you have eaten in the last 2 or 3 days?
-- let's see.... yoplait whips yogurt today for breakfast, yesterday specialK cereal(YUM).
Lunch.. havarti cheese with honeybaked ham, the other day it was .. oops. I think I skipped lunch.
Snacks over the last few days have consisted of watermelon and canteloupe, mandarin oranges, dried fruit pieces mix, and I think a granola bar.  in case you can't tell I am a bigtime nibbler.  My eating style is mostly just snacking on little things throughout the day.  I like it that way:)  I'm also a huge fruit lady.
Dinner was grilled chicken piccatta with french bread and grean beans, and the other night we went out to an as-authentic-as-you-can-get Mexican restaurant.  My dinner consisted of hand-made corn (healthy and so yummytortillas with fire-grilled sizzling steak strips, with tomatillo sauce. thats it.  simple. authentic. delicious. spicy. unreal.

What subject do you wish you had paid more attention to in high school?
--I would definitely say physics.  It would be so cool to understand more about how the world works.

Must-haves when you are sick:
--oh easy answer!  I am such a routine person and I know what I like! And the following is all going to sound childish.
-Jammies or sweats.  It is a sin to be in jeans laying on the couch, sick.
- Juice.  I cannot have enough.
-Depending on what I'm sick with, cold things! Fruit Fruit Fruit.  My favorite thing is when mitch gets an ice cream scoop and scoops watermelon and other melons out for me:) there is something about a cold, sweet circle of fruit that makes it taste SO good!! No one knows why! Best thing ever.
-Nyquil makes me psycho.  I have laughing attacks for hours.  I have no idea why.  But it makes me feel so much better, and then when I go to sleep, I sleep wonderfully.
-Pink rice heating pack from my momma.
-Puffs plus lotion tissues.  Must-haves.
-Too much TV, of course, mainly old westerns and or looney toons as those are without question the most comforting things to me, and remind me of my dad and being home:)
-A couch with my pillow, and my blanket on it.  Original couch pillows will not do, when you are sick.  They are not soft enough.

What genre of books do you like to read?
-- I really, really enjoy health books.  Health studies, anatomy and physiology, psychology and the mind.  I occasionally enjoy a mystery.

What do you and your dad have in common?
--The question is what we don't have in common.  I inherited every apparent trait from him, I think.  We have identical personalities, the same sense of humor,  we love the exact same movies and music, we both love doing the same activities and going to the same places on vacation, namely the cabin in wyoming.  While we're there, riding horses, playing on fourwheelers, spotting deer with the binoculars in the morning on the porch.  I have my mom's coloring, but I have his facial features and a lot of similar body features.  i.e., feet:)  We love rodeos, we love Jackson Hole, we love John Wayne, Davy Crockett, and the Alamo.  We don't like movies that are too souped up with effects and are loaded with unbelievable and unrealistic plots, and we don't like swearing unless it's by us, or in old westerns.  Then it's funny.  We love DIY projects. I liked growing up being his little helper and watching him do stuff.  We love gas station slurpees.  Looney Toons.  ENDLESS looney toons since I can first remember, every Saturday morning and when you're sick of course.

If you could be anything you wanted and the circumstances and every aspect of your life worked well with it, what would you be?
--A doctor.  Without question.  Almost all my life I've wanted to do something like that.  Now that I have a bit of a broader perspective on things I think I'll have more important priorities in my life besides my career:)  But if i were the provider for my family and a guy, I would be a doctor without question.  I am fascinated with the human body and the ways of healing it.  I've decided nursing would be a better route for the life I want and the goals I have.  We'll see how that goes, living clear down here in Mexico and all!! Might have to wait until we're done here.

If you had an extra room in your house what would you use it for?
--Definitely a creativity room.  I would have crafts galore, and walls of books.  Until then, our single bookshelf and my little craft desk will do:)

What grown-up job did you want to have when you were a child?
--Before I was really fascinated with medicine,  I was so fascinated by archaeology.  Quite a jump, huh?  LOVED it.

What daily activity boars you?
--I think i'm bipolar.  To expound on that... some days I love the feeling of feeling productive and organized and clean while in the progress of doing laundry.  Some days i absolutely loathe it and wish it would do itself, fold itself, and sort itself into our closet. And it is 0% appealing to me.

What is your ringtone?
--I have a very classic, simple ringtone.  Its just a ring,   ring,     ring, type.  haha.

What music drives you crazy?
--You know I really can enjoy most music, just depending on my mood.  I have kind of a broad selection I like.  But there are two things that I cannot stand:  really odd classical music.  The kind that not one person likes, I don't care what you say, and its just like weird.  And goes on, and on. No, not enjoyable for me.  Can't do it!  The other: scream-o//gothic//emo//weirdER music.  I dont even need to expound on that one.  You all know what I'm talking about.  It completely grates on my nerves and makes me crazy.

What did you do during your childhood summers?
--I had a bit of a tomboyish childhood.  I definitely had my girl sides and girl friends, but I spent a LOT of time playing with my brother.  Monster trucks, BB guns, legos, 3wheelers, forts, we put on plays, and we played this one dinosaur computer game like every single day.  nothing was cooler.   .... THAT was fun.

What is your favorite day of the week?
--I would definitely say Friday.  Probably like most everyone!

When was the last time you turned your cell phone off?
--I think just 1 or two days ago.  I'm not a huge phone person, and I hate more than anything having a group of people together and everyone is on their phone texting someone else.  Society is getting messed up that way I think.  Not interested in joining in!

Look Alike:
-Ok, when I was blonde [i know, i'm sad that happened too], not joking on almost a daily basis I got Ashley Tisdale.  Look at my first FB pictures and see if you agree!
-Now that I'm dark I have gotten Kim Kardashian a few times?  That would be nice! I think she's soo much prettier than me though.  I think she's one of the prettiest [yet stupidest] but seriously one of the most beautiful people on the earth!! I don't think i resemble her at all though.
Guilty pleasure:
--I do believe I have a few.  Haha a lot of them are embarrassing.  Don't judge!

-Pinterest.. obv. I am female.
-Bubble baths.  When I am stressed or sick or even just cold, my go-to is a hot and VERY bubbly bath.
-The old Nancy Drew books.  Yeah, like the ones for 13 year olds.  I have yet to find a better book series.
-Organizing.  If i'm feelin it, I'll organize everything, label it, and then re-organize it.  I am a weirdo.
-Chocolate.  It takes a LOT for me to get sick of it!  I can't keep it in the house!
-Sun. Bad, I know.  But the warm, bright sun feels so good, I think.  I'm in that odd minority of life that prefers 102 degree weather over anything.  It feels divine.
-Here it is people.. I'm comin out with it... and guys, Mitch [my HUSBAND] just found this out about me 2 days ago. Well, the full extent of it.  I LOVE playing with html and blog design, and I love graphic designing and editing, creating fonts and anything really, on GIMP.  I am a full on, straight up, N.E.R.D. So, if you want to freshen up your blog or if you want a new banner, etc.. let me know!  Its something I just plain LOVE to do :)
wanna check out what I'm working on?  I just barely created it the other day so its brand new.  I've only done some of the ''home lists and template printables'' tab.  But here's the start to my new thing.

be sure to check back in a couple weeks, it should be up and running by then!
Well, that's all folks!  Any more Q's, don't be shy!

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