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San Antonio #1

Well the whole, entire reason why we went up to San Antonio was to go to the Temple.  Did we take any pictures of it?


So, here is the rest of our trip.

By far our favorite part (and now favorite place without question!) is La Villita/Riverwalk in San Antonio!! Its UNREAL! It reminds me of a mini Venice.  It's basically a river with really, really cute restaurants and shops and amazing hotels all along the sides.  It has such beautiful lighting all throughout.  The atmosphere is so amazing!  We wished SO BADLY we could stay another night and be at the Riverwalk longer. :(  But we plan on returning STAT:)

we have to deal with this ...↓.. everytime we want to go anywhere north of McAllen.

and i do believe this ↓ is self explanatory.

cute mitchy workin away before sushi, after temple


happy mitchy

mmmmmmm again 

what the rain in san an??

i'm thinking of three girls...................... LOOK WHAT WE FOUND!

beautiful san antonio 
 always wanted to go on one! 

gorgeous old city 

once again what the rain??? 

 love old cities like this

and how could i not think of my dad??

hahah i'm not sure i get this? very awkward

mitch forced me to take a picture with it.. 

of course a little-mexico shop on every corner. had to go in.

any guesses of what the monument is of? keep scrolling :)

stunning old building!

mitch waws of course mezmorized.

had to sneak one of my handsome man

so... where are we??    . . . . . . .....


if you do not know what the alamo is, you do not know us. please defriend us on fb.

whaaat!! unreal! we are HERE!

tree of BEAUTY!!

Alamooo the alamoooo
we are so happyyyyy!!

had to snap one last shot

well just so everyone knows... DAVY CROCKETT died here.

beginning of riverwalk

pretty mosaic!
beautiful glass sculpture 
 annnnnddd the river walk!

doesnt this look like something from robin hood?

amazing music 

 this guy was drunk as a SKUNK

mitch looks way too happy.... :) hehe 

WEIRDEST bathrooms ever ever ever!

stunning, huh!

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