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The Recents.

Wooweee!! It has indeed been a long, long time since i've updated... my apologies. I've been receiving very unhappy and mean texts and comments from all our peeps in Utah! So fine, fine.. . I will update our blog after only 3 months!

First of all, for aaaalllllll of you who are wanting to complain about me not putting up wedding pictures yet.. ya well, thats because  IIIII don't have them yet! We have them from our photographer, so spare him on your black lists please, but it is my dear sweet mother who has forgotten to put that CD of them into a package and mail them to McAllen, Texas. :)

Lo siento mis amigos! Pero pronto, pronto!

Problem #1:
Tambien, tengo los quistes de ovaricos :( duele mucho.
Some days it makes me wonder how it would even be possible for me to work! Because while most days I'm almost 100% and just fine, the days that it does hurt... . MAN. It is like BAD. And there is no way I can do anything but sit in fetal position and try to distract myself.

TAMBIEN otra vez, NO HAY UN NORDSTROM AQUI.... asi que estoy triste.. . .muy muy triste.

Which brings me to my next subject:

We are coming to Utah for Thanksgiving!



why?  Because who knows if we are now!! :( Mitch can't get work off on the Friday that we [already] booked the flights for.

Also.  We are flying out of San Antonio . . . because its cheaper. . .and 3 1/2 hours away.  So we had reserved parking, etc... everything set.

GOOD. . . .  .


Maybe it will work out.. . . somehow?  I think THE worst feeling is looking forward for SO long to seeing people you love SO much, and then in two seconds being told NO! arrhhgghh!

We are FRUSTRATED people!

Guess what?

I would love to be eating Thanksgiving Dinner looking out in the backyard. .. seeing my dads horses, hay, and some gosh frickin darn SNOW.

So I am sending out a big shout out-Thank-You to IDEA SCHOOL DISTRICT for the possiblity that we how have of sitting in our apartment, in [cool] 95 degree weather on Thanksgiving day, with a pathetic hope of me being able of cooking THANKSGIVING DINNER.. . ? I thought that wasn't a requirement until you are at LEAST 35! Thats like an older, experienced mom and MOSTLY Grandma thing.  We'll have the ever-blazing sun thorugh the window, the ever SUMMER-y palm trees, and a grand total of [ two ] people at THE most 'family'  holiday of the year.

So sad.

That was problem #2.

Problem #3:

Every channel.  Every radio station.  Every restaurant.  Every store.  EVERYWHERE... . . is music I USED TO DANCE TO.  It makes me NUTS. I have to just carry on with whatever I'm doing and pretend I can't hear it.

Torture sometimes.

Especially because that [huge] part of my life didn't end on the most fantastic note.  Its like this huge gaping cut and everywhere I go, lemon juice is being poured on it.

The reason why its so frustrating is because these scenes of competing or dancing or others dancing, whatever, just play through my head over and over again EVERY TIME I hear it.  And I feel unaccomplished!  I feel like I didn't finish it out, like I didn't end it how I should have. And that is so not fun.

But then I start thinking about my new life.  And while yes it isn't fun that I have that ^^ regret/feeling of nostalgia, thinking about everything ahead of me makes me excited, every time.  Thinking about my husband and how it was so lucky and so time-appropriate for us to meet. Things that are meant to be, fall into place.  Every time.

New chapters open, new things happen that are so exciting.  Different parts of life become more visible and new views make things so interesting.  Mitch is so good at that.

So , [ [ END RANT ] ], some of these things are kind of well.. un-fun (  :)  ) but I know most of it is due to being in such a transitional stage.

Good thing when you're two peas in a pod, besties, lovers, whatever you want to call us- most excessive, negative things in life just become insignificant.

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