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his name is mitchell. the first thing i can remember about him was his farewell talk in our ward 6 years ago. i remember how he had this abnormal spiritual depth for a 19 year old boy. and that was all i really knew about him.

i thought i had my whole life figured out. i thought i knew it all and i thought i knew what was best for me. thank goodness i have a father in heaven who knows me better and decided to put mitch in my life. he refines me, he teaches me. he is kind. he is so incredibly kind. he has this countenance that radiates through two very crystal clear eyes. he doesnt overthink anything. he doesnt overreact. his is patient. he is righteous. he is diligent. he has such a broad perspective. it is no wonder to me why he felt he waited so long to find someone. looking at him, being around him, its not hard to tell why. he has such a magnitude about him spiritually, and just who he is is something that can be so intimidating that sometimes i wonder if i'll ever be seen as or felt to be an equal to him. i am so beyond grateful, it is such an understatement to even say grateful.. for the influence he has had on the person i want to become.

i love him.

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