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inspirational picture of the week..

'eternal embrace' found in valdaro. italy.

it is time to be grateful. time to be happy.
time to be content. time to be optimistic. time to be kind.
time to love. time to see the good. it is time to give.
time to dig deep down. it is time to believe.
it is time to remember. time to slow down. time to be.
time to care. it is time to let go. time to be alive.
time to change. time to adore. it is time to embrace.
it is time to cherish. time to encourage.
time to connect. time to disconnect.
time to accomplish. it is time to accept. time to laugh.
time to love. time to mend. time to thrive.
it is time to visualize. time to welcome.
time to simplify. time to imagine.
time to shine. it is time to trust. it is time to refine.
it is time for this world to be happy.

just maybe there would be more happiness. just maybe this world would be less corrupt.
just maybe people would stay married. just maybe there would be more smiles.
just maybe there would be less hate. just maybe there would be more families.
just maybe there would be more trust. just maybe there would be more success.
just maybe death wouldn't be feared. just maybe lives would change.
just maybe hearts would soften. just maybe everyone would have a friend.
just maybe there would be more self confidence. just maybe there would be more accomplishment. just maybe there would be more meaning to life.
just maybe what matters most would find its way. just maybe little things wouldn't stop people.
just maybe real beauty would be rediscovered. just maybe the world wouldn't seem so dark. just maybe there would be hope. just maybe, just maybe we can choose it all.

we choose what matters most to us. we choose how something affects us. we choose our reactions. we choose our actions. we choose our outlook. we choose our goals. we choose our temperament. we choose our values. we choose our expectations. we choose how we see ourselves. we choose who can influence us. we choose what we represent. we choose how to see the world. we choose how we display ourselves. we choose what qualities to develop. we choose to be grateful. we can choose to change. we choose our discipline. we choose how we treat others. we choose what we want to become. we choose what love is. we choose how to express ourselves. we choose how to communicate. we choose what to fear. we choose what we conquer. we choose what we stand for. we choose who we are.

we choose what we want in life. no one else can.

"the future is as bright as your faith."
:: president thomas s. monson.


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