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the list.

warning. as time goes on this list will continually grow, without a doubt. my apologies.

in no particular order, things i feel the need to experience in my life.

  1. italy.
  2. greece.
  3. australia.
  4. zimbabwe, africa.
  5. jerusalem.
  6. tonga.
  7. france.
  8. alcatraz, ca.
  9. washington state.
  10. vermont.
  11. live in a new york penthouse for at least a day.
  12. live on a south-east plantation for a day. like in the notebook.
  13. design my dream house. and everything in it. and then have it built.
  14. visit old eauropean castles.
  15. be on the cover for a magazine.
  16. become unreal at photography.
  17. learn to sew anything.
  18. read as many books as krista saltmarsh and mitch beck.
  19. become an accomplished lady. get some credentials.
  20. learn to be ok with ME 100%.
  21. become a very organized, motivated person.
  22. have an incredible, huge backyard/garden that i can take all the credit for. get really good at landscaping and gardening.
  23. have a cabin.
  24. have a really, really pretty fireplace.
  25. fly an airplane.
  26. run a marathon.
  27. learn to surf.
  28. have a baby girl.
  29. drive a motorcycle.
  30. be in a rodeo.
  31. walk on a runway.
  32. discover something no one else has. like a cave or piece of archaeology.
  33. be phenomenal at yoga.
  34. go fly fishing.
  35. own a jeep again.
  36. own a houseboat at lake powell.
  37. start a charity for a 3rd world country cause.
  38. adopt a child or two.
  39. get an iphone.
  40. learn to be content with NOW.
  41. conquer celiac's disease.
  42. marry my best friend.
  43. get married in the salt lake temple.
  44. become very knowledgeable in the gospel.
  45. be a wellness and fitness guru.
  46. learn to enjoy skiing.
  47. visit where i used to live. where i love. winchester, virginia.
  48. actually revisit all of back east. boston, baltimore, DC, all of it.
  49. have a variety of colors of peacoats.
  50. get an entire outfit from anthropologie.
  51. become a fantastic cook.
  52. pet a lion.
  53. go to the jungle. like george of the jungle. and live there for a week.
  54. get a black leather jacket and boots.
  55. get a rose gold wedding ring. that no one else has.
  56. build and paint a greenhouse/gardenshed. by myself.
  57. open and own a dance studio.
  58. run into someone i know while they're on their mission, and say hi.
  59. have a beautiful, BIG porch/patio facing the west, in my backyard.
  60. sleep in a circular-shaped bed.
  61. go to niagra falls again and actually remember it.
  62. go on a cruise.
  63. go to a formal dinner party. with black dresses, pearls, tuxes and 3 coarse dinners.
  64. have a baby girl. did i say that already??
  65. have the most extravagant, beautiful baby nursery.
  66. have a big, old library like in beauty and the beast. in my house.
  67. have my own palm tree.
  68. have a lakehouse.
  69. ride a camel.
  70. go to india.
  71. invent something.
  72. find my native american ancestor's names and information, and organize them into families. as well as templework, etc. find them.
  73. search my ancestry as far back as humanly possible.
  74. find a cure for headaches.
  75. become really good at wood work. and be able to build things.
  76. get into painting.
  77. never get another cavity.
  78. live outside of utah again.
  79. live by the ocean for a while.
  80. ride a scooter through rome.
  81. be a successful and talented dress designer.
  82. have a secret place.
  83. have a sister.
  84. meet oprah.
  85. go to a texas longhorn's game.
  86. get a cute laptop cover.
  87. fly first class.
  88. bring someone the gospel.
  89. go bungee jumping. literally. and not 15-20 feet, the REAL deal.
  90. ride in a hot air balloon.
  91. get into rock climbing.
  92. change someone's life.
  93. never be over 120 pounds. never.
  94. have a vacation home/condo in park city.
  95. always have horses.
  96. be in time square at christmas time.
  97. learn to glass blow and make sweet vases and glass things.
  98. own my own spa.

  99. ----dinner time. to be continued. ---



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