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1. Belle - by Jack Johnson
2. Feeling the sunshine through my windshield
3. The old Nancy Drew books
4. Forgetting how much I love playing the piano.. and then rediscovering it when I sit down just to play around
5. Falling asleep on the couch with my sweetheart on a Sunday evening after dinner, listening to relatives talk and laugh
6. Diet Coke. In a can.
7. Wedding announcements. It doesn't even matter if I know them. I just love them.
8. The blaring music at a competition and the urge it gives me to dance
9. Boston, Massachusetts
10. Divide Me - Kalai
11. Planning trips... even little details. I love it
12. Watching BBT with my best friend in the whole wide world
13. Discovering a new blog background that I love
14. Texas Longhorns. Never lived in Texas. Never watched them play. Never even met a diehard fan. But I have ALWAYS freaking loved loved them.
15. Baseball hats. and running shoes.
16. Airports. People watching.
17. Uncle Andrew's family and the stick-in-the-jar game
18. Baby lotion. And brand new babies
19. A new notebook.
20. My grandma's old jewelry
21. Brushing and braiding my horse's long black hair
22. S&M - by Rihanna..... haha.a..... :) sorry. Love it.
23. Looking at pictures of Italy, Greece, and Australia. The 3 places I need to go
24. The Lion King
25. My grandma's house
26. Walks. At nighttime
27. New socks.
28. When the temple shines at night, through the whole valley
29. How my grandpa smells :)
30. Living on the banks of Utah Lake in the summertime
31. Moccasins
32. Dunford donuts..:)
33. The Baltimore Aquarium.. and the entire Baltimore city and atmosphere
34. A new phone
35. The way hot chocolate only tastes when we're up at the cabin
36. Fast Sunday dinner
37. Jackson Hole, Wyoming
38. Valentine's Day
39. New cowboy boots
40. Blogs of newly married couples
41. Las Vegas
42. Campfires
43. Hot tubbing on a -1 degree winter night
44. A new toothbrush
45. Shay- the receptionist at Adam's dad's office across the hallway, and how happy she is.
46. My aunt's wedding dress studio......... my freaking dream..
47. Greg Olsen's artwork of the Savior
48. Also... Lee Bogle's Native American artwork and how it reminds me of my beautiful grandma
49. Making bucket lists
50. Charleston, South Carolina
51. Taking on new challenges and adventures. Not having a specific plan
52. Black guys. Specifically Will Smith.
53. Temple Square
54. Jeans shopping with my brother
55. Mazatlan, Mexico and all of the wonderful family memories we have had there
56. My 'neice'..(?) Mackayla and her beautiful curly blonde hair
57. My mom's ability to just know when something is wrong
58. The ability to worship as I please. Without persecution or restrictions
59. Children's storybooks
60. Mitchell Beck's testimony.

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