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Yes, yes to all of you who have wondered what exactly is going on, yes. I am dancing!! Not for long though, just through March. To compete in one more nationals:) I am competing with my old partner Parker Lynn. These pictures are from a show we did for his sister's wedding. Miss Courtney McOmber's dress is UNREAL! I was so lucky to borrow it for this! Probably up there with some of my favorite dresses ever. I'll keep adding more pictures as they come from competitions, new dress being made, etc:) Parker drives down every weekend and we practice ALL weekend. We are going out of state a couple of times for lessons as well! I'm excited for our California trip coming up this February! It will be a lot of work with a LOT of private lessons, but we've set aside some time to go to the beach and have some fun. It'll be great! This will be a fun experience to finish up the dance side of me that was such a big deal for most of my life. I'm excited to have one last big competition, one last big experience for me to look back on and feel satisfyed with for that part of my life.

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